Rocket Flex

Rocket Flex

Introducing The Rocket Flex

The Scanreco Rocket Flex offers a multitude of digital control functions as well as operator feedback. The transmitter has 14 pushbuttons in either one or two-steps. Customization of the transmitter front label is possible by combining symbols and text.


Transmitter Features:

14 one or two-step pushbuttons
Feedback to 5 light emitting diodes
Optional graphic display with feedback
Stop function in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1 cat. 3, PL d
Supply: 3xAA re-chargeable batteries
Operational time: ≤ 120 hours without display, ≤ 40 hours with display
External holder and battery charger
Frequency band: 2.4 GHz
Operating range > 100m / > ~330 ft.
Operational temperature: -25°C to +55°C / ~ -15°F to + 130°F
Protection category: IP65
Dimensions: (WxHxD): 69x213x48 mm / ~2.7×8.4×1.9 in
Weight: 400 g / ~0.88 lbs. including batteries


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