Powerkey Ultimate

Powerkey Ultimate

Introducing The Powerkey Ultimate

The Powerkey Ultimate (PKU) is the newest generation of keypad from HMI, and the successor to The Powerkey Pro (PKP).
Backwards compatible with all PKP features, these new keypads are still offered in three distinct sizes; 4 button, 8 button, and 12 button configurations.
On top of all of the old features of The PKP, The PKU is offering full RGB coloring, and a multitude of different lighting effects for you to choose from.
Furthermore, with the help of the OPS Wireless Engineering team, we allow the customization of each and every button on these devices to suite your needs.

The PKU takes the customization of the PKP and takes it a bar higher.


Built Tough

Designed for even the harshest conditions, the PowerKey Ultimate withstands the cleaning force of pressure washers and holds an IP68/ rating, making it virtually immune to water, mud, salt, sand, oil, chemicals or anything else thrown at it.


PKU Standard Features:

Supply voltage 12-24v
Relegendable buttons LED backlit icons
Multicolor indicator rings Sealed IP68
Vertical or horizontal mount
Standard and custom legends (no mins, no set up fees)


Technical Specifications

Downloadable PDF



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