CAN PLC, 6 IN, 8 I/O

CAN PLC, 6 IN, 8 I/O

Introducing the CAN PLC, 6 IN, 8 I/O

The CAN I/O and CAN PLC offers CAN bus, RS485/RS232, 6 analog inputs, 2 digital I/O, and 6 configurable I/Os (digital outputs or analog inputs) in one small package. This module is ideal for standalone mobile applications as well as expanding automotive CAN controller networks.
Compact PLC with CAN communication for harsh application requirements.

Cost-efficient, user programmable, automotive controller for integration of custom features.


CAN PLC, 6 IN, 8 I/O Standard Features

CANopen I/O module
Freescale HCS08 processor with flash technology (can be re-programmed many times)
CAN high-speed, CAN low-speed or RS485/RS232 in­ter­face can be used to com­mu­ni­cate with other nodes which supports easy integration into existing networks and systems
6 digital outputs or analog inputs (configurable)
2 digital outputs or digital inputs (configurable)
6 additional analog inputs
Reverse polarity protection and transient protection
Outputs consist of power high side drivers with overload protection and digital status indicator
The powerful processor supports CANopen and SAE J1939 compliance
Software compatible with the CAN I/O Waterproof module


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