Sectional Directional Valve Series HDM18

Series HDM directional control valves feature compact, cast monoblock bodies and have high operating pressure ratings.
Available in 9 different sizes, the large range of spools, spool operators, levers and auxiliary shock/anti-cavitation valves make the HDM series especially suitable for use in medium-complexity circuits. They are also very suitable for straight-forward applications in which a particularly small overall size is required.
The HDM series is available in the following versions: open centre, parallel/series, closed centre and carry-over.
A further notable feature is the very low level of internal spool leakage.


HDM18 Standard Features

Number of spools d’axes: 1-4
Nominal flow rate: 70 l/min
Max. inlet pressure (P) bar: 300
Max. work port press. (A/B) bar: 350
Fluid temperature: from -20 to + 80°C
Viscosity operating range: from 15 to 75 mm²/s (cSt)
Max contamination level : 21/19/16 – ISO 4406:1999 (NAS 1638 class 10)
Max contamination level for electro-hydraulic applications: 20/18/15 – ISO 4406:1999 (NAS 1638 class 9)


Downloadable PDF – HDM18




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